Clinic SM is committed to the use of natural ingredients in its exceptional formulations. But why take the greener turn? Because natural, technological, purified cosmetics with no harmful ingredients are not only good for us, they are good for the planet. A sensible choice!

Hyaluronic acid, is it natural?

Absolutely! Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the human body and essential skin dermis, since it is the substance in which bathe fibroblasts (cells that secrete collagen and elastin fibers). Its moisturizing and anti-aging virtues first attracted the aesthetic medicine industry, then the cosmetics industry. Clinic SM uses micro-molecules in its formulations that penetrate more easily and deeply into the skin. What better than giving the body what it uses to hydrate itself!

Peptides, these exceptional anti-aging allies!

Of natural origin, the peptides used by Clinic SM are a set of amino acids that, when grouped, form molecules that act as cellular messengers and nerve transmission agents. They are more and more used in cosmetics as 1, they regenerate the skin, 2, they delay the aging of the skin and 3, they thicken the skin and reduce wrinkles thanks to the increase of collagen .

Shea butter, a true SOS care for the face

It seems that shea butter is the secret of the legendary beauty of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti! It is not for nothing that it is used wisely in cosmetics. Clinic SM uses it in its moisturizing products as it is so rich in active ingredients: fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E, etc. Incredibly moisturizing, it soothes, protects and nourishes the skin deeply.

Sunflower oil, vitamin at will!

Rich in vitamin E and Omega 6, an essential fatty acid essential to the proper functioning of the body, sunflower oil is the third most consumed oil in France and is in the top 5 in Canada. Softening and nourishing, sunflower oil is perfect for dry or very dry skin. It also prevents dehydration of the skin. For use in cosmetics, as in Clinic SM products, sunflower oil must be virgin, cold pressed, 100% pure, and organic.

At Clinic SM, the quality of the formulations comes first and foremost by searching for exceptional ingredients!